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Who are we?

Hai! We are Atharva which provides solutions in the field of ICT (information and technology). Tell us about your company please let us know that we can provide the best solution for your company

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Atharva is always updating what is often the problem of every company so that we know first and can help your problems.

Trusted. Reliable

Trust us fully to provide the best solution for your company.


Many companies are sweet at the beginning of bittersweet at the end, Atharva continues to hear what your complaints are and we provide guarantees within a predetermined time frame.

Network Solutions

Atharva is ready to help your company's internet/intranet network so that your company's work is faster and more secure.

Application Solutions

Atharva provides a "Accurate" software solution to support accounting needs. It helps your company to financial statements, taxes and other things.

Hosting & server solutions

Every company definitely has a server for a database, email server, etc. Atharva is ready to provide Hosting, Server or Co-location services so that your company's server is 24x7 hours online and secure without having to fear losing power.

Our Projects

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