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Data Center & Networking Services

Atharva is ready to be part of your company to build an integrated and reliable infrastructure. We also provide Data Center services for your server colocation online 24 hours with the best facilities.



Some of the Atharva Projects are working on such as Civil, Network and other jobs.

The project at the Capitol Park Residence Apartment.
Atharva refers to using Access point devices from Ruijie Networks RG-AP710 series 4 units and 4 room points, Switch Totolink SW16, and using MikroTik hAP ac³.
Collaboration with Axia Data in providing Data Center.
Atharva collaborates with Axia Data Indonesia to provide Data Center services at TIFA Building, Jakarta. Our goal is to create innovative, affordable and professional services.
This project at Alam Sutera Tangerang.
Atharva assisted the Netciti Technician Team in splicing and pulling fiber cables in the customer's home. We also designed topology for the 1st and 2nd floors and used TP-Link Vendor as an Access point and MikroTik hAP ac³.
This project at PT Risk Management Guard.
Atharva designed and rebuilt the topology and created a new pull of LAN cables at PT Risk Management Guard. Using 2 Biznet and Oxygen Internet Lines and using PCC Load Balance, We also reset and optimize Wifi Router so that each floor gets a good signal and stable speed.
This project at PT Kreasi Shufu Indonesia.
In accordance with customer needs, We make proposals and design topology to integrate the head office with the warehouse to run Accurate applications. as well as making purchases of MikroTik hEX S routers in both places.
Atharva Officially becomes a Partner of Accurate Accounting
Total solutions such as tax needs, invoices, collecting goods and others can be done in one application called Accurate. This application can run well for segmentation of trading business, service business, contractor business and manufacturing business.